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I worked since i was young to support my family and it seems people now adays makes a big deal in young folk working really brag them up . My parents braged me up and even tho they know how it is like we are work young we are work for money to support our family

It doesnt make me mad that people think it is amazing that young folk are working now .

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I agree, how the "s/he has a job" somehow equates to "they are honest and forth right, above reproach" I don't get.

When two teens, from the family side of our complex (senior/family housing) were caught in the act of burglarizing, the parents insisted it couldn't be their kids because they both had jobs. It was rumored the father of one even hired a PI to investigate how stolen property got into his shed in back yard. When this happened almost 2 years ago we had a string of burglaries 15+ over 3 months, since these two were caught, there have been 2 (27 months) and both were across from "gangland" an area of complex that borders a gang filled neighbor outside our complex.

Even in court the parents insisted "false charges" to "near failing grades at school" because of their hard work...one at a printing shop 12 hours per week, one at a fast food place 20 or so hours per week, which is now closed (Sonic on Bellvue) and also had many thefts while the young man was there...hmmm.

However, that is a small percentage of the hardworking, honest kids that are legit.

It's only good that teens learn young how to budget time and money, needs vs. wants. A job while in high school* is a great way to learn that. Working prepares kids for the real world as that is what most of the populace will have to do for the rest of their lives. Where they learn the qualities of honesty, compassion and sharing, well, that's more of a family and parenting thing. I think it's great that parents and peers of working kids recognize the efforts of our hardworking youth, as long as the pedestal they build isn't scraping the heavens.

Blessings of Peace,

*I too have worked since I was 15, well 13 if you include the paper route, and from parents only received a $3/week allowance for yard maintenance chores and various things around the house. Even when top of the line Revell and AMT models were a mere $2 + $1.50 for paint and sandpaper/tools etc (and I built several per month) I had to support my "habit" from what I earned....then there was the tricked out bicycles....and then first car. It all came from a job, not 40 hours per week at a Playstation™ or Wii™.

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I worked on my family turkey farm

And in a church and help ran my family business half of my check went to groceries and the half went to bills

The part about kids robbing yep my parents experience that as well my old sis and bro robbed their safe twice i got them mysaid about five times . Geeze

They stoled ssn and old antique money .

That was for my grams estate .

I still remember the local store calling us to tell us my bro used the old money ( small town) oh was my mom mad we had to fork over some cash on the spot . Then my bro and old sis stoled and arranged for our home to be robbed which a gun was stoling and tge person who stoled it shot our veteran nieghbor my mom told the cops but they didnt believe us . Until our neighbir woke up and told them who it was

My sibs was still after my parents stuff so my old sis robbed my house .geeze and hired my ex to rape me .

Apparently my old sis and bro had plans to put me away drugged up in a home because get this they thought i will get everything .

Geeze i sold the guns and my home to pay off bills and later i found out my bro used my dad ssn to get a credit card and pay off his bills

So i get it


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I think I was sixteen when I got my first job. My parents happily provided what we needed but we were responsible for the extras. For the latest clothes, concert tickets, etc, we were on our own. My sister and I shared a Dodge Dart with our Mom, I don't remember having to pay car insurance but we did need to pay for gas :)

We raised our daughter the same way, happy to give her anything she needed but the clothes and the concerts and travel, she was pretty much on her own after sixteen, but she liked working and beginning to take responsibility for herself. My nieces over eighteen have all worked part time too..we don't make a big deal about it either, lordie, it's just that way, yes? they had to work for those things that were out of our budget. simple.

But there are just some who believe the sun rises and sets on their beloved progeny - no one can jump higher, run faster, is more photogenic or clever than their own fantastic son or daughter ;)

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Yes but we didnt broadcast it

I personally worked and paid bills

But i didmt broadcast it on tv ooh people think it is something new out that is what makes me

Angry .

Also some of these kids work work to support their family as in their parents . U dont c anyine bragging them up but u c a 18 yrs old working oh everyone gets excited that is just wrong .


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My Granny always told me, "Idle hands are the devil's workshop." So I started mowing the neighbors lawn when I was in the fourth grade and kept that up until I enlisted in the Marine Corps at 17. In addition I worked on an Uncles farm bailing hay, cutting pulp wood and cleaning the barn. After serving our country, 1955 - 1958 active duty, I became a Firefighter in SoCal for 30 years. All the while I was working another job and/or going to college on the GI Bill, AA,BA & MA. After my formal education and achieving the rank I wanted in the fire service, I went back to school for boat repair, diesel engine, transmissions,etc. Also I was in SoCal during the heyday of the real estate boom, so I bought houses, fixed them up and flipped them. This allowed my wife and I to retire at age 50, get on our sailboat and roam Mexico, Central and South America, Caribbean, Gulf and the east coast of the USA from 1988 to 2002.

While cruising, I repaired other cruisers engines, etc.

After settling here on Bayou Chico, I started my engine repair business, performed several weddings and at age 75, I am still hustling. It feels good! Remember what my Granny said. I volunteer in several veteran's organizations, rescue sunken boats, and help others, like it says in the "Good Book" - Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I hope to set an example by doing good. One young man who was heading for trouble met me, I took him fishing, taught him boat repair and now he is a US Marine serving his second tour in Afghanistan. Pray for Lance Corporal Gino, USMC.

Next week I go in the hospital for a knee replacement. I guess I am just wearing out, but it has been a GREAT RIDE.



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