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I just saw on today show about a drug teens are using mix of soda jolly ranchers and cough syrup w codiene . They said it was new out really wrong when i was a school cop in the `80`s the students made it and all other kinds of drugs this stuff aint new it has been out

Wait until someone put on the news that some one snorted tooth paste mix w tylenol .

I am the one growing up telling everyone that my sis was snorting bathes salts and people thought i was weird guess what i end being right .



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I remember the first time as a young teen I tried to get high. We tried smoking a joint made out of tea from inside a Lipton teabag. After just a couple puffs and I had a headache that would kill a horse.

So it seems that it isn't only pot that will lead to harder drugs, but tea will lead to them as well lol

Glad I decided way back then that drugs weren't for me.

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My friends use to snort sweet and low anf regular sugar out of the packs . They use to ask me if i want any i would say no i am allergic .

My ex used to snort my famvir i go he wont get a coldsore in his nose then

My oldest friends use to light candy ciggs

And smoke it .

The sugar is cain and yes sometimes it can cause u can get high . Not as high as marijuana . I was given peyote when i shot i dont remember much about it except for the awful taste i never went on drugs . But i do get teased because my friends who gave it to me was too young to know better now my bro teased me for smoking it which i hardly remember it. I guess thats why i feel for this people who was like me and dont remember it or accidently slip something

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