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I think one must first know if one is a Believer of Follower of a Faith/Non-Faith. If one is brought up in a Faith, they tend to become a follower when later in Life they start thinking for themselves. They may have many doubts, but, stay on due to Family and Social pressures. Forced converts will always be made up of mostly Followers. Act like you believe, or else! As to those that find a site such as this! I would think that a lot of soul searching was done and may still be on going. Many here are awaiting more info. Rev. Cook

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What do you believe causes someone to become religious or atheist?

What did people unbecome?

Here is something that changes, define it...

graphic video....

gotta get something right, religion and education are a move towards that, unless these things tramatised you, then one goes the otherway, coming back also, i see circles again. food, sex, water, need to be warm are naturally needed and are demanding to THE POINT.

anti-graphic video...

Lets all go here... need to watch yet. Never, ever, gonna, leave, 'dis.


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