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As for me, I am going on vacation so it will be about two weeks until we next meet, however -----

To all those on the forum who celebrate Christmas -

May your holiday be filled with joy.

May your holiday be filled with hope.

May you enjoy the company of family and friends.

May you be generous in your giving and gracious in your receiving.

And if I can be forgiven for going ethnic, for a moment, on you -

May you find yourself blessed with that most precious of gifts -



Peace and wholeness.

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The holiday is derived from the Holy Day, so while it has become much commercialized, it is nevertheless a sacred day for much of the world, whether we emotionally or spiritually relate or not, since it is such a powerful source of modern freedom, it nevertheless remains a strong source of liberty for so many humans on earth.

Sad that so many others feel differently......

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I caught Papa Francis' Christmas last night and I was reflecting on how easily I understood his message even though I speak no Italian. Our strongest power comes not from what we say, but reveals itself in how we behave. Though I frequently stumble in the practice, I have learned much wisdom from your way of relating to us. So in the spirit of the season, I just wanted to say thanks for not being here, and thanks for being here. If you know what I mean. May your lamp burn eternal, Rabbi. :)

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