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I have to mirror Mark's comment, if you do want to be affiliated with and use ULC in your churches name, I would suggest submitting a Congregational Agreement Application. You can get a copy from the ULCHQ here http://ulchqcom.ipower.com/osCommerce/catalog/index.php?cPath=16&osCsid=3690110a7b794eb86f837969eb5aeab7 In addition they have available some other bookkeeping documents that you will need such as a quarterly budget report form (which you will need to send a copy to the HQ every quarter along with I believe a monthly administration donation of $5), Board of Directors resolution record sheet, and meeting minutes record.

Now in addition, I would highly recommend you start talking to a CPA and possibly even an attorney on getting a church going (call a couple in the local phone book to see if they are willing to do the initial consultation pro bono, though don't come out and ask if they will do it pro bono right off the bat, explain that you are part of a fledgeling church trying to start up before asking if they will do the consultation for free). Also if possible before talking to a lawyer or CPA get your hands on a the latest edition of the Zondervan Book that you can, even if you don't purchase a copy initially and have to check it out from the library, this book will be a godsend and help out immensely.

In addition to the $5/month administration Donation there is also a $35 Agreement Donation when you send in the Congregational Agreement Application. The handy thing about registering with the HQ is if you follow all the guidelines and the church applies for the Tax Free Status, is approved, but later run into problems with the IRS the HQ may be able to help you out.

I myself haven't started my own Congregation, nor do I see or plan on starting one anytime in the near future. While I do have a small 4 or 5 person congregation of sorts, it is an informal gathering and so far no money, other then say chipping in to pay for a pizza and its delivery, has been handled by any of the members. I am planning on making up some business cards for my own use and to hand out, these will say Universal Life Church on them, and will have my name with Non-Denominational minister under my name, and both the ULCHQ.com and ULC.net site addresses listed after my own contact info. These business cards will be used for when I do Hospital visits, a couple will be given to brides and grooms to give to friends who might be looking to get married, etc...

Hopefully you will find some of what I have posted here useful.

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I call my informal association and ministry "The Universal Life Church of Michigan," as it is largely online; but largely in Michigan.  It seems to be a common practice around the States, as well -- noting it by where the congregation draws its members from.

--Rev. Samuel
Universal Life Church of Michigan

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On 9/29/2013 at 9:49 AM, justplainrev said:

Is it permissible to name my church "Universal Life Church Orlando"?

Yes its perfectly legal, and you can do so by one of two ways:


1. The easiest would be to register a congregation with the ULC. I can provide a fillable PDF form for this if you like.

2. The other way to do this is to file a corporation called "Universal Life Church of _____"  in your state- the name is not trademarked,

   so this is perfectly legal. Plus, ordination confers the right to do this anyways.

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