Divine Archetypes, Group Entities, And Soul Shards

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I am a Witch and a Celtic polytheist looking for a little thoughtful input. I wish to discuss something of the nature of polytheistic deities. I am referring to beings who are not generally considered to manifest the three big O's (omnipotence, omniscience, and omnipresence). For example, my Witch name is Belenos. Belenos is considered to be a Celtic sun god sometimes identified with Apollo by the Romans. Please hear me out before you think I'm off base, but I have found that I have memories of being Belenos. Obviously there was some affinity or connection to begin with; I did not choose his name at random. But I do not mean to say that I am THE Belenos worshipped by the ancient Celts. I am juggling notions as mentioned in the title of my post. Do you think there are deity archetypes and that deity names sometimes just signify a type or class of deity? In other worlds, are there multiple spirit entities out there who are of the Belenos type and respond to that name? In mythology there are frequently many variations in the myths; is this because there were multiple similar entities, but who were not exactly the same entitiy? Another possibilty is that of a group entity. There are many sub-entities who are interconnected as a group entity that is known as Belenos, but each of these sub-entities is able to function somewhat independently as well. Finally, I would mention the idea of shards or soul fragments, where others and myself my be fragments of a former entity who was the original Belenos. As each shard splintered off from the original, it continued to develop a new personality around it. Once separated from the whole, each shard experienced different things resulting in slightly different forms. But each shard still identified itself with the original Belenos. Any thoughts on these concepts? I feel that I am THIS Belenos, but not necesaarily THAT Belenos, or ALL Belenos. Similar thoughts go for my relationship with my personal god, Lleu or Lugh. Like other Lughs, my Lugh is young, athletic, handsome, and the master of many arts. But the Lugh I work with does not fit well with the versions of Lugh that depict him as a bearded, older Father figure and half of a divine couple. The Lugh I interact with, like the god Mercury to whom the Romans compared him, has a bisexual and somewhat homoerotic quality. Now is my Lugh one of many spirits who falls under the Lugh archetype? Is he one component of a group entity known as Lugh? Or is he a fragment of the original Lugh which developed characteristerics different from other Lugh shards? As I am writing, I also think of the possibilty that my Lugh (and maybe Belenos as well) may be a mask of my higher self or my HGA (holy guardian angel). From a psychological perspective he could just be an externalization of my own subconscious personality. Anyway, I am interested in hearing other's opinions. Please feel free to share your personal experiences or interactions with your own deities, I just used mine to illustrate my points :).

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~ Hello Belenos :)

Yep, I believe in shards of souls & that elemental energies in their various incarnations are rooted within us all.

I could disrupt everyone & mention that Fire is transformative, Earth disruptive, Water erosive & Air conducive to any & all change...

Spirit can transcend.


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