When My Faith In Christianity Erodes


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I highly doubt that conflicting interpretations had any effect on Rainclouds eroding faith. Remember, the OP stated that he believed Christianity was a mere opinion of God, that scriptures were written after the fact (denial of prophecy), and that he believed the scriptures were flawed. That imo, is why he abandoned the faith.

I go with much of that underlined but I personally do not believe I have left the faith. I just see it differently.

I say this to voice my opinion but I know it will not be something that Dan's take on things is in any way likely to agree with me. That said I am sure what Dan believes what is right for him.

I know that this is something that will offend some but I personally believe all religions are opinions as all scripture is opinion. We may believe something and we may believe it strongly but none of us were there to verify that things are just so or it happened as said or that the writer gave an unbiased or unadulterated account of what is said to have occurred or said. We may go by trust or faith but it still stands that what you believe in a religion is not always self evident or agreeable to all.

So what do I believe sets scripture apart from any other writings. For me first and foremost is that what is written has to have meaning. Meaning that gives us a greater understanding of the experience of life and what it is to be alive and who we are and also that meaning stands the test of time.

Now if I tell of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37) or the women caught in adultery (John 8:2-11) then it matters little to me whether this occurred as said or not but it still has meaning for me. It has lessons that I treasure. For me to look upon the Great commandment to love God and to love my neighbour (Matt 22:36-39) has meaning for me. I know that many do not believe in God as I do but there are things that still may have meaning in scripture and not believing in God does not (IMO) invalidate the lessons or the spirit of the ideal presented in these things.

In my opinion God speaks in the spiritual and mankind interprets in our own understanding and puts this into words. Words and understandings are often personal viewpoints. One can be moved by something but how it is described will be determined by how we describe our experiences. Which is what I believe those in the past who wrote about their experiences did (IMO). They wrote things rightly or wrongly according to how they saw the world.

Likewise I believe God (IMO) speaks in that inner voice inside each of us and I personally understand this in terms of my faith in Jesus' teachings. It is a given that others will interpret this according to their understanding and may see it other than the voice of God, but that does not mean that what they have to say has no meaning for them or indeed for ourselves. When these understandings are shared then I believe we can grow spiritually from the lessons we have learned but when one resorts to dogma and insistence that it is their way or no way then I believe we often miss the point of the lesson and narrow the meanings that can be gleaned from such writings or events. We say that another person has nothing to offer further than what we already personally believe. Once we presume we know something then we stop listening to the views of others and close our ears to them.

In my opinion what is the ULC about if not that we have a common ground in which we can share our experience and spiritual endeavours with others so that we can all grow. The issue is that I find is that so much is given to saying that it's this way or no way. I know I have got into such talks but I really do not enjoy them. The reason that I get into them is I often see an attempt to dictate what others should believe or not and I feel a need to defend my right to my view as being as legitimate as theirs. Statements like "Christians believe this" suggest to me that if I do not agree with the said statement then I am not a Christian. The fact that Christianity is a very diverse religion and has been so from the beginning does not seem to enter such statements. They appear to me more about control tactics than intended for spiritual growth. They leave little leeway for people to make their own judgement (IMO).

So bringing this back to Rainclouds point of faith being eroded. I would ask what is being eroded? Is it the belief that Christian scripture cannot be literally supported or something of the like. If so, then I would recommend that too much is given to labels like Christian which may have many meanings to many people. I personally would therefore recommend that one looks for what has meaning in one's own life rather getting hung up on what others think you should believe or how you should be. My personal faith has grown since I did this. However, what you do is up to you. I have only given you my opinion with no strings attached. Whether this has meaning for you and what label you attached to your faith is up to you (IMO) and more importantly than labels (IMO) I hope sincerely it brings you many blessings and your road is fruitful and perhaps I may share the road with you sometimes. Bless you Raincloud. Pete

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Pete's post makes a lot of sense to me as a none Christian. I do not believe that there is a book that can be considered the "Word of God' or to be considered "infallible". The ancient sages wrote about their divine experiences in human terms, but it must be understood that the divine experience is "wordless". The texts that they wrote have spiritual value for everyone who searches for spiritual understanding, for they offer inspiration and guidance. We fail when we convert those text into dogmas.

Hermano Luis

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There are many elements of Christianity that draw me back: Jesus, Holy Spirit, the Father, Salvation, sin, and even Hell (I like believing in Hell when I read about Rupert Murdoch), but my belief that Christianity is the only way is eroded when...

I visit Christian forums populated by Americans whose belief in Christianity is synonymous with Far Right Republican politics. Then I start to see that this, was an Empire religion, forced on people by the Roman Empire, and used by social conservatives to maintain their own power in things.

I start to realise that Christianity is only one of many opinions of what is 'God', out there. That the scriptures written after the fact, and that whilst containing many spiritually encouraging things are flawed.

That none of us really know for sure what is going on with this thing called life, and whether we exist beyond death.

I don't think my left wing politics, belief in social liberty and small government is somehow evil, because it's the opposite of what these Christians believe. I can only conclude that my belief in liberty is a good thing, and an actual God would approve.

This is why I am no longer strictly Christian.

You contradict yourself at least twice, which tells me you are unsure about a lot of things in life. I'd expound, but I'm not sure you're still an active member.......

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