Confession And Protestantism

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The thing that stops me becoming Catholic/Orthodox or Anglican is that they do 'Confession". Do the protestant denominations do this?

Can I just go direct to Jesus and the Lord, ask for forgiveness, and not sin any more?

I loathe the idea of proclaiming all my sins to a priest or even a whole congregation.

Crying out loud, some things are left buried so it doesn't hurt people.

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Anglicans and Lutherans offer private Confession. However, with Anglicanism it's not a requirement, just an option. The Anglican rule on private confession is: All can, some should, none must. For most, the general confession made during the service and its accompanying absolution is sufficent.

As for other groups, IDK. I think evangelical and reformed pastors will counsel privately those who are burdened withsomething, but that's not quite the same.

I have done private confession and found the process immensely cathartic. It's important to remember that the whole affair is kept in strictest confidence by the priest so it's not going to get unburied, it'll get released which is a pretty awesome feeling actually. Of course, going directly to God is a great way to make your confession. I think, unless you're a catholic or orthodox christian, the issue is one of conscience...and here's a little tip, most priests have heard it all and won't likely be shocked by your admission unless you've done something REALLY outrageous like doing unseemly with a dead animal carcass while wearing a easter bunny mask on a full moon....I mean...errr...I can imagine that would arouse shock...I don't know from experience or anything....Don't judge.

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I have nothing of substance to add, so I will simply support the advice you have already received. I have been Anglican, I am currently worshiping with Lutherans. Neither church expects a public confession of anything. Both are satisfied with a person coming before the Almighty as they know how and confessing from their heart. If they continue to be burdened, then they are welcome to privately confess it to the clergy. And truly, it does take much to shock clergy. It will not be repeated, unless the confession contains an open threat to hurt/kill someone or self. If it does go down that path, the person hearing the confession will have to act as they see proper.

Speaking for self, I advise those who wish me to hear a confession that what is said is between us and God, and will be forgotten by both as forgiven sin, but an intent to harm self or other can not be kept silent. If someone knowing that I can not maintain silence, tells me of an intent to commit a crime that would hurt him/herself or others, then they made an informed choice and can expect the outcome.

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