Merry Lammas!

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Thank you! In my tradition (Welsh) we call it Nos Galan Awst (the eve of the Calends of August) or Lughnasadh (the assembly of Lugh) to the Gaelic oriented Pagans. In any case, I also hope everyone has a happy one ;)

Croeso Gruffudd.

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I've been celebrating the season by feasting on blackberries, hunting bio-luminescent fungi in the misty moonlight, and thanking Crom that going for a walk with my cat isn't likely to get me burned at the stake these days. Looking forward to Samhain this year, it's gonna be a great moon and a great harvest. :)

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Hi Rev. Rattlesnake,

Nothing too elaborate. I light a few candles, toast the Gods with cakes and ale (actually Little Debbies and juice :D), listen to some traditional Celtic music, and read a little from the Fourth Branch of the Mabinogion (the one that pertains to Lleu or Lugh).

And to Pete,

Diolch yn fawr :) ! For the record, I am not from Wales, but I am an American of Welsh descent. My knowledge of Welsh is only at a self-taught conversational level, although I have a better understanding of Welsh terms found in mythology and folklore after years of following a Welsh path. At some point before I die, I would love to visit Wales (and Ireland too), almost as a sacred pilgrimage of sorts to see from whence my ancestors came and where the ancient myths took place.

Hello Kingfisher,

I too am looking forward to Nos Galan Gaeaf / Samhain this year, especially since I am taking a two week vacation from work at that time ;)

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