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If you are simply a minister ordained by the ULC and want to perform marriages in Pennsylvania then there are a couple of things to consider.

First, the statutes talk about a minister ordained by a religous organization IN Pennsylvania. The ULC is not in Pa. It is in Ca. If you were to start you own church, and had a legitimate congregation, then Pa would likely recognize you as they do any other religous body.

Second, Pa recognizes a couples ability to marry themselves, without the need for an officiant. Conduct the ceremony then have the couple fill out the forms as if they did a self marriage. Just be sure they know what they are doing and that your involvement is only ceremonious.

And yes, you can preach in a church, officiate for funerals, and do any other rite normally associated with ministerial duties (notwithstanding for the above.)

Of course, this is just my own opinion. Any advice you receive on the internet is generally only worth what you paid.

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