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Just a thought. You might consider adding your address and phone number to the site where you have the web contact form. Some one like me can get your address and phone number information easily enough by doing a Whois search but a prospective couple looking to get married may not feel comfortable filling out a webform without a little more detail on who they would be working with or where you have your office.

By the way, your domain name service probably has a way to prevent your contact information from being visible in a Whois registry but it may cost a little more.

I like some of the features you have in the weebly subdomain for the linked site.

Best wishes as you seek and serve,

Brother Earl

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I took a quick look. I have a few (hopefully helpful) comments.

The overall impression is good, but I think you have a bit of colour confusion going on. In particular, I don't think the brown is doing you any favours at all. It over-emphasises the warm colours, and makes the whole effect rather chocolate-boxy. I would suggest picking up on the green from your central image instead. I've done a mockup using the darker end...


In the process I noticed that you have styled the "Frequently Asked Questions" headline using a font tag within the HTML. This is not a good idea. Use the HTML for the content and division into logical blocks, use the CSS for styling.

The questions and answers are not properly aligned. You might consider using a definition list to keep them linked.

Finally, a niggle on the content here - you explicitly cover vows in the last question, so it seems excessive to mention them in the question above. I would also use "traditional" rather than "standard", since different traditions use different vows.

Good luck with the site and with your ministry.

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