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Just a quick thank you to all who offered words of comfort during this difficult time for me and for my family.

This internet forum is a community. I count myself fortunate to be able to call so many of you on this forum my friends.

Your words of comfort are acknowledged and appreciated.

I am humbled in the presence of your caring and your concern.

זכרונה לברכה

May my sister's name be for a blessing.

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Peter , if I can call you that, best of luck to you and yours.

Given that it is, at least the last time I checked my driver's license, my name, and it's right down at the bottom of my signature line under "shalom", it seems perfectly logical to call me that!

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Peter, I want to second Murph's words,

and to let you know that MANY of us here

count your participation in our little forum as "quite a blessing".

Me three. I don't know how I missed this... my prayers are with you and your family, Rabbi. I hope this is appropriate, please forgive my bumbling knowledge of Judaism and accept it in the sincere spirit of love in which it is intended.

To Israel, to the Rabbis and their disciples to the disciples of their disciples, and to all those who engage in the study of the Torah in this holy place or in any other place, may there come abundant peace, grace, lovingkindness and compassion, long life ample sustenance and salvation from the Father who is in heaven and Earth; and say, Amen.

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