Pagan Origin Of Christmas

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~ Windwalker, yep, I know... that's why I don't buy all those shtuffs...

{ I do love those little lights tho! They just make me smile & feel happy. It's just a thang :rolleyes: }

~ Fawzo, that candle in the window is to guide our loved-ones home & the wreath is to welcome Life back in the darkness of Winter? :dntknw:

That's how I celebrate in the dark cold times...

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Can you imagine a Victorian Christmas tree, full of ornaments, lace and ribbons... and then on the end of each branch... a lit small candle??

Now we're talking spittin' good 'ol father Fear in the eye with a huge wet one!

My old Gild-Drighten told us the origins of that custom, long after Christ-mass trees were moved inside, was started in the late 1840's by a Duke in France. The name fails me right now, but I'll see if I can find it.

Supposedly the conversation at one holiday gathering came up that the Duke secretly practiced some form of Paganism or other such non-Christian practice, which was highly subject to objections by the Royal Courts of both France and England. Remember, France and England had been at each others throats for centuries and many treaties of peace and alliances had come and gone...anyway...the term "Lucky Duke", not
(duck came later as a joke) was given this fellow due to his many brushes with death, near failing financially etc etc....he was lucky beyond belief.

Someone of the Royals posited that the Duke must be in alliance with 'the Devil' because no one had such streaks of avoiding death as he did. Falling from his horse on his head, three body guards shot around him and he wasn't scratched, a battle field miracle and so on were his claims of Grace. The Duke, over hearing these words of malice towards him decided to up the ante a bit. He announces to the royal gathering that if what he practiced wasn't in fact good and decent then may "God burn me dead in a horrible fire!"

He ordered his servants to adorn the tree with candles and then sent everyone, save the bravest of souls, from the castle (hehehe....out into the frosty cold of winter) and he then sat in a plush chair next to the tree, further exploiting fate by piling many presents around his chair and sipping brandy. There he sat until every candle had burned to the dahlia (small, flat dish that held the candle).

So, from that time on it went from the royal court to the commoner over time, that if you were of good moral and character, place candles on your tree and
prove it
as Fate would tell the world of your goodness. Naturally if your house burned down, well ya had it coming.

And please, whether you've good or bad this past year, kids, please don't try this at home....the Duke really wasn't lucky, he was a brash knucklehead! :bleh:

Blessings Be,

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~ A duckish-brand of rash... right off his back, huh? :taunt:

Some have been whipped by lightening repeatedly. Is that good or bad luck? :dntknw:

I enjoy the little lights. :rolleyes: Sorry if offends.

... Perhaps it's all those headlights I watched as a babe.

Could be stars way up there are beautifully twinkly & hard to see in Winter with clouds & snow & such...

Come on, really? Spring & Summer has green EVERYWHERE & flowers with bright colors all about.

A few months of being buried under cold makes any color & warmth & celebration a marvy thing :cheers:

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