Someone Got Stung By A Bee :(

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I looked at himself an hour or so ago and thought, hmm, he looks like he's snarling .. poor guy got stung by a bee I think, or maybe bitten by a spider, his nose is all swollen; gave him benadryl and watching

ugh, hopefully not a huge vet bill in my near future cross fingers

(I was going to post a picture but he's embarrassed)

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I'm sure you investigated to make sure the stinger was not still in his nose?! Yes? My ex use to keep a strong tincture mix of goldenseal, red clover and yarrow root for insect bites on the pets. A good 2-3 droppers (about 2cc each) to begin and then 2x per day for 2-3 days seemed to keep them going. A good dose of Valerian helped with the owie. Any "good" natural/homeopathic store should be able to help you decide the exact needs.

If you have any reservations about your pets being allergic to natural remedies, you can do your own allergy tests very simply. I'd be happy to send via e-mail or PM if you have an interest.

Our heartfelt thoughts and prayers of Healing Energies go out to "Himself"!!

Blessings of Peace,

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he's all good now, swelling is down, acting completely normal - I gave him the once over, benadryl and crossed my fingers - but did not actually see him get stung, or hear the resulting noise, maybe a spider? my sister suggested it may have been a snake! not sure how I could have missed a snake (I was with him when he'd outside)

yes, I am definitely interested :)

what he really might enjoy relief from is our two visitor dogs..

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