Ulc Status In Canada?


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Based on the info I have received over the years Sirius is correct. You will be able to do everything except solemnize the legal portion of a wedding.

So, what does someone do to gain the ability to perform the legal side of Marriages? That is a staple of my ministry.

You will still be ordained.


Each province has their own rules/regulations and I don't believe any of them will recognize the ordainment.

Thank you for your reply. I will have to look into this. *sigh*

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You will have to contact your province to get the ULC approved as a denom, which as I understand it, is not an easy task.

Couldn't I very well join an already established religious organization and branch off? That is what I am being told by and offered by a Minister in Halifax, NS, who runs the MCC (gay friendly church).

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Only if that organizations is approved by the providence and of course you meet that organizations criteria for being a minister.

I did a little research with my Father-in-Law (Canadian; retired CBSA Director of Import/Exports) and he told me that it is a few hoops, but, not impossible. Just annoying. Sounds like a challenge, but, I am up to it. :)

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