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~ Truckers! ... Though I don't know as how I'd announce in a truck-stop " Hey! Let's all Thank Hermes!"

{ Most may perhaps mishear & misunderstand :( }

Jonathan, quite a few prophets are, well, like dead?

Ya have to wait & wonder & dread...

We do have recent 'prophets' tho'

{ Yeah, the yr 2000 folk are still licking that one :cray: }

The 12-20-2012 appears to be a bit of a 'thang' ... Don't know as it's a phrophesized thing, some seem to think it's attached to Biblical Prophesy.

But then again, some folk seem able to attach anything to whatever...

Humans are creative :D

I do believe the original start of the discussion tho' was Nostradamus?

He was predicting right around the time opium was available in that part of the world... Or am I mistaken? :dntknw:

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