My Dearest Aunt Betty

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I found out today while visiting my Mom that her sister, my Aunt Betty, has failed very quickly with Alzheimer's. She was just diagnosed last November 2011, and my uncle called yesterday stating that Betty would not let him in their house in upstate New York. She even called police on him with her First Alertâ„¢ necklace alert, for being "an intruder". They've been married for 43 years this year, after her first hubby passed in 1962 and the two have never been more than few hours apart from each other in all that time.

In an hour of uncle being gone to a doctor's appointment, by a neighbor driving him, she forgot who he was and her entire life together. Update...(Mom called as I was typing this)...even after going through wedding albums and boxes of pictures last night and today, aunty remembers very little if any of their life together....uncle said only one picture of her with her daughter seemed to light up her eyes, but she also kept asking "who's that?" pointing at her own son and two daughters. He spent the day trying to help her remember as per doc's orders, but she wouldn't let him touch her because a "Lady never hugs and stranger" she said over and over to the poor guy.

Uncle Ellis is legally blind (300+/20) and has very bad hip and knee problems, and Aunt Betty is otherwise 'healthy as a horse' besides her dementia/Alzheimer's.

Of course I will be in prayer fro their safety and health....but any extras... thoughts, healing energy or prayers that might be sent their way would sure be appreciated.

Thank you so much,


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My grandmother died from it... I took care of for years before hand, but yeah it can go from being a fairly stable decline to a full fledged free fall in no time. I will pray for you and your family as well brother I know it can take one heck of a toll on those who love the one involved...You will need strength and peace, I pray you will have it...

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