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As I have mentioned in previous posts, I am an openly gay male. I do not think Duck Dad should be "censored" even though I feel he is able to generate a lot of negativity because of his large following of die hard fans. People should be allowed to express their views so they can be exposed to the light of day. But I in no way, shape, or form consider him to be a victim or persecuted. (Christianity is still the dominant force in U.S. religion and a dominant force in politics. Phil Robertson is indeed a millionaire, not some poor everyman despite his "down home" characterization.) Now if A&E cancels the show because they have a loss in ratings or commercial sponsors over his comments, that would be a legitimate business reason. I think they should have waited to see what the fallout actually was before having a knee-jerk reaction. It would have probably went unnoticed otherwise. Now Duck Dad is being painted as a martyr, and the publicity has blown things out of proportion, IMHO.

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Smurf i am sorry about your relatives

And as u know i was a caregiver my self but my reasons for being a minister is to stop the lies and preach hey god loves us all

And on duck dynasty dont get me started on that one in my opinion any preacher shouldnt defy or act or pick or bully on the flock of the world

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I became ordained as a minister about a month ago.

(I was raised Mormon but when I was 16 (so... 6-ish years ago) had a series of events that happened that made me not interested in following the normal conventions. Since then I've followed my heart to different paths and I'm currently an energy therapist/life coach with an emphasis in spiritual counseling, running my business to help clients in one-on-one situations and writing a book. I have struggled with the concept of religion and after delving into many, I've decided I don't like any that I've seen because I would benefit from something that has a few significant guidelines and almost no strict/specific rules.)

I was guided to the ULC site and upon reading the quote on the front - "Do only that which is right" - and I literally felt like this was the best place for me to be right now and went through the ordination process immediately.

I kind of forgot about it until I was adding the event to my Facebook timeline the other day and I've been told that it's a bit inappopriate for me to call myself a minister if I am not a Christian. Now, I know I'm treading the line of sounding like I am letting them convince me that doing what I feel is right is actually wrong, but they bring up a good point. Since I haven't been a minister for long, I don't feel like I can appropriately identify what it means to me to be a minister - all it means to me right now is being able to say I'm registered to perform spiritual rites including marriage with an actual church behind me.

What does it mean to be a minister? What does it mean to YOU to be a minister? How have you dealt with people who express distaste because they don't think it's appropriate or fair that you have gone on this path?

Think of your role as minister as a glove that you've been given to wear, and it's only going to fit after you've grown into it. Maybe you aren't ready, or maybe you are; it isn't anybody's role but your own to make that determination. I think the important thing to remember is the Hope that your ordination enables you to give to others. You can only do such a thing when you're ready, because 'minister' is really just a title. It is going to be you and you alone who determines when it's time to act on your better instincts, and do what you believe to be right.

Good luck.

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When it comes down to it, being a minister can mean anything the minister wishes it to be.

AMEN, Brother K !

Who, pray tell, decided that "minister" is a "Christian" title ??

Ministering is much older than Christianity.

While I am far from an historian,

the earliest minister that I can recall as having "earned his stripes" was a Samaritan, and he was neither Christian nor Jew.

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I am going to go the Easy route and give the text book answer.

min·is·ter (mibreve.gifnprime.gifibreve.gif-stschwa.gifr)

n. Abbr. Min.
a. One who is authorized to perform religious functions in a Christian church, especially a Protestant church.
b. Roman Catholic Church The superior in certain orders.
2. A high officer of state appointed to head an executive or administrative department of government.
3. An authorized diplomatic representative of a government, usually ranking next below an ambassador.
4. A person serving as an agent for another by carrying out specified orders or functions.
v. min·is·tered, min·is·ter·ing, min·is·ters
1. To attend to the wants and needs of others: Volunteers ministered to the homeless after the flood.
2. To perform the functions of a cleric.
To administer or dispense (a sacrament, for example).
[Middle English, from Old French ministre, from Latin minister, servant.]

For us we would fall under for the most part 4. A person serving as an agent for another by carrying out specified orders or functions. Since we are agents (representatives) of the Universal Life Church of Modesto, California, and we carry out religious and/or ceremonial functions on behalf of the church. These functions may be holding a regular church service, or just officiating weddings/affirmations of love to performing other ceremonial services such as last rites/baptisms/vow renewals/etc...

You cant say we fall under 1a since not all of use are Christian Ministers, I myself an an Agnostic Thesist Minister.

Now if you look at the Latin definition of Minister, it is Servant, which is what we are in truth, We are a Servant of God, Allah, The Flying Spaghetti Monster, Gaea, Odin, what ever religious deity you believe in, we also serve the ULC and strive to follow the Church Doctrine and Do that Which is Right. We also serve the general public, performing the duties and services I mentioned previously.

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If you consider the fact that we do "Minister" for an agent we call God or the Creator, then it fits us. We minister to others! In that way, any and all may use that term. The term "Reverend" has us appointing ourselves to be seen as being "Revered"! So much for piety! LOL Rev. Cook

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Actually a minister is man or woman

A challenge to preach his or her word to a bunch of people that he or she rather slap up side the head to get the point thru . A minister can be any religion any faith and sect . A minister is not only a high authority fiquire but doesnt act like it

Because a minister is just as a person as the next

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