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Nothing.  But the income from athletics has a profound effect on how colleges and universities operate. "Since 2009, the four schools ha

An honorary degree is a good will offering.  An earned degree is a credential.  It signifies academic accomplishment.  I think this is similar to someone who never joined the military -- then makes up

On 2/17/2017 at 8:10 PM, ULCneo said:

Really, what useful purpose does a degree have if its not recognized by the DOE, or anyone else for that matter? It would seem that it would be nothing more than a useless piece of paper on my wall, for purposes of practicality, where the money could perhaps be spent more productively???

Other than being an expensive sheet of paper on your bedroom wall, or an ego-booster, it has no purpose that I can see. If you are an author you can put PhD (or some other alphabet thingie) after your name. If folks want a "better" degree (still not accredited for real but it actually takes a little study and lotsa money) that is still FAR easier than actual college or university, see the University of Metaphysics and The University of Sedona (both are run by the same old guy). 

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I have a doctorate and Minister's license in metaphysics and I have never publicly used the title, but I did extensive study and practice for the titles and I should that sense of authority within myself and in my conversations with others. I think it comes down to owning the knowledge and feeling confident about what you know.

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