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How funny, this happened the other day. I had all but written off a long time friend of mine. She hadn't written, called or snail mailed me in several months. No word - nothing. Over the years we have had falling-out's and eventually found our way back to each other.

I had been thinking "Well she must have written me off by now, I haven't heard from her at all". And what do you know, she found me online! We started chatting and catching up and she asked me for advice on things. I was amazed she wanted that type of advice from me but was willing to share what I could. At the end of an hour or more chat we had to get ready for bed. But she thanked me, and apologized ~ said she had missed me, sorry for pushing me aside for months and hoped we can stay in touch more often. I too apologized for ever thinking she was ignoring me! Sometimes a friendship is worth all the effort one can muster.

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