~ Spring Has Sprung!

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~ Well, it was loud. The local news is saying it was a meteor & they're gathering chunklets...

Would think it'd be bigger news, getting through the atmosphere & crashing as it did, but :dntknw:

{ "Oh! If aliens landed on the planet I'm sure our Government would let us know!" :lol: }

Hey, that made the news over here in the UK (I think it must have been the same one). Those tiny bits space rock are worth loads of money, apparently.

The BBC interviewed a couple of people who were hunting for it and one said his Mum had found a tiny little scrap - interviewer said what's it worth and he said 'A car and a year's college.'

Sounds worth hunting for!

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~ My daughter & I worked Mother's Day but when I got off work Monday night there were a lot of flowers sitting on the lawn to be planted :D

{ She gives me flowers to plant with her daughters for Mother's Day :wub: }}

Tuesday I have off & our Grandbabes & I are gonna gently place pretties in our yard :)

{ My schedule's odd, 2 - 10 P.M. , split days off, so we're playing when we can... I actually have 2 Saturdays off in a row & will be able to visit! Whooo! }

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Container garden all planted this weekend. Next weekend is the NATO summit and a marathon so there will be no traveling in the city for a few days. Got it all done this weekend instead. I'll be weeding and cleaning up outside this week. Then a BBQ for Memorial Day. I'm so looking forward to the fresh tomatoes, peppers, and onions. And to just sitting on the deck with a cup of coffee, or a cool beverage every day after work.

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I went container garden this year as I am still working on the yard here at the new house, cutting it all back from the wild state we found it in when we got the place. But my herbs are growing happily in their containers as are the peppers, tomatoes and potatoes. Plus the containers add their own pretty colors to the area. Previous owners were bird rehab people so birds are in great abundance here and I have added many kinds of feeders so I can really enjoy them. When we moved in the field in front of the house (about 10 acres) was over head high in weeds, the owners just cut it and now we are over run with rabbits, which I love and the chihuahua loves to chase even as he never catches one and they easily loose him in shrubbery. Speaking of shrubs/bushes this place has many long rows outlining the driveway and I just love them, they are filled right now with nests some with baby birds some still full of eggs, but so alive that I am glad I got them all trimmed early.

Just loving spring and after such a wonderful mild winter (so I could work in it much of the winter) my yard is getting back under control, just couldn't be happier to be outside.

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~ Sounds invigorating Angie :)

... Personally, if I were looking at 10 acres, I'd just slump. I'm not a farmer. I slump when looking at our 1/4 acre & just let the dogs own it! ;)

The front yard is colorful now... I really like the delphinium & hope it likes it's new home { hardy to -40*, should ... }

Daughter bought me many flowering plants to plant with the granddaughters & now my back's recovered, I'm enjoying the snapdragons & dianthus & pansies & such.

The 5 yr-old is on the hunt now for hummingbirds, but just getting buzzed by the blue jay ;)

{Cheeky bird! Both girls & the bird chase each other around the yard... :rolleyes: A 3-way race with the bird cheating of course! :lol: }}

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~ Lovely pic there RR :D

Y'know, roses are not difficult & there's no reason to worry much about them actually...

So many people fret, when the basics are simple. Cut the dead flowers off at a 5-leaf branch aimed in the direction you want.

That's it! :)

If ya get aphids, spray 'em with soapy water. If the leaves turn yellow, sprinkle epsom salt at their base. They are tough plants.

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Great picture!

We had loads of cold rain and then about five days of warm sunny weather. The beans on my windowsill suddenly sprang up - so this morning I have plantetd them and contructed a frame of bamboo which I hope will prevcent them falling flat on their faces. Peas - mangetout and ordinary one are in and looking OK, a bit bitten. Some sweetcorn and a couple of sunflowers might make it if we don;t have a frost (still possible). We cut the grass back on the undug areas and its turning into hay - smells great.

And that ruddy couch grass is springing up all over the place. hey ho.

Nexrt job is to construct a bird-proof cover for the strawberries.

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