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While the background is transparent, there is still some "specks" between the verbage and the logo itself. Its not uncommon when cobbling a new logo together from several existing pieces of artwork. The transparency tools and magic wand tools work great most of the time, but they arent perfect.

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By not pieced together, are you saying that you digitally drew each and every element in that logo from digital scratch? I have seen the majority of those elements in other digital artwork.

By not pieced together I mean the text isn't. And yes I used that tutorial plus one other to do the curve of the text. The pentacle is free png images used together. So I suppose that is peiced together. But the text was done with the method shown in the video you linked.

IIRC one of the "script foo" wizards that accompanies the GIMP creates circle text both nicely and relatively painlessly.

Do you know the name of it or have a tutorial? Because when I searched how to do it all tutorials showed me to use pathways.

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