Over Heard In Culinary School In Meat Cutting Class


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I can relate to that. I'm taking Culinary Classes at local college. (No school on Good Friday.) Any other good jokes relating to Culinary school?

well, DONT lend out your tools. I had so much stuff distroyed and lost,

buy a good first aid kit,

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~ Oh good grief... Y'all knew I would if ya didn't & ... :rolleyes:

"Teach, I need some help on the technique needed to massage this marinade into the breast!"

"How exactly do I work these thighs?"

"OK, this part is tenderized, do I just flip it & work on the rest?"

" Yo! Do I pound the rump or grind it?"

... You all are SOOO bad!!!


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Things I hear in the kitchen regularly:

"Oh crud... it's limp." (Usually referrring to salad greens)

"Beat that for me." (Hopefully something in the mixer)

"Who wants to taste my meat?" (self explanatory, but still raises eyebrows)

There are a few others, but they are a bit too "blue" for a nice forum, even if they only double entendre.

And just remember: only in a kitchen can you fold an egg.

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