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Over the past couple of months, our orange tabby, "Hemet", has started a very bad habit. He stands while he does his business in the litter box, especially "p'ing". Naturally we've had the vet answer our questions and we've found out it's not that uncommon for feral cats to adopt some rather "interesting" potty habits. You would think after 4 years of doing it right this wouldn't come up, but it does.

Anyway, after several very nasty, not to mention frustrating, clean ups of the mess he's created outside the litter box, (wall/drapes/closet door/floor) we finally hit on the answer! 2 good things came out of this little adventure, we found yet another Made in USA product and daily clean ups are easier than ever before.

"Hemet" and "Turbo" are 15 and 20 pounds respectively, yes our little darling "Turbo" turns a year next week and is now the Big Bubble Belly Boy of the clan. At these sizes the covered litter boxes available at PetSmart™ and other retailers just were not big enough for the comfort of our little beasts. We thought of a "igloo" style dog house enclosure, but at $65++ paydays never seemed to allow for such luxury.

On a whim, I stopped by Lowe's Home Center© and there was the answer! A 30 gal storage container that was big enough and made in the good ol' USA. It did take a full 40# box of litter to fill it 3" and that was $12 for the ExquisiCat™ (unscented*), PetSmart™ brand, (best we've found for odor control, clumping and above all $) but oh well, enough sand and big enough for five cats! Total cost of project <$25.00 with an additional storage container for other stuff.


Anyone else having a mess problem, (even "Moki" dug more out of the box than covered his business most of the time and dirty litter, even on linoleum tile floors) with an unsanitary cat box situation may want to give this a whirl. I'll be happy to send you pictures of the construction process and detailed instruction, if you should need them. (It's awful darn easy just cutting a hole in the side of the storage box)

Blessings of Peace and Loss of mess,

The company info for the box is:

Cenrex Plastics, LLC

Findlay, Ohio 45840

Item #341054 30 gal.

At 2 for <$20.00, ya can't beat the price either!

(Lowe's item HERE)

*our vet has informed us that "unscented" litters are better for your pet's health. The scented materials used in the sand can cause allergies and sinus problems in cats.

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What a genuinely great idea. With four cats of our own and always having to deal with excess sand on the floor, I will purchase the required totes on my next trip to Home Depot. As inexpensive as this idea is each of our critters can enjoy their own domain space.

Ha! I find the simplest and most direct solutions to things here, glad I decided to join!

May Peace with you as well Brother Atwater Vitki.

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