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So I was working tonight, and our Weather Channel TV had a commercial on about Anne Rice's new book, "The Wolf Gift." I hadn't been payin much attention to her work since her last Vamipire novel, so I wasn't aware that she went back to the supernatural.

I pulled up her website ( and went to read the preview on Amazon.

I looked at her "tour" page and she's gonna be in town Wednesday, about 5 miles from where I work, doing a signing! How awesome!

I'm all excited, and I make mention of this to one of my coworkers.

"Anne Rice is gonna be here next week signing her new book!"

"Who the heck is that?" she asks me.

"I'm sorry, we're no longer allowed to be friends."

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Really? After 2 movies, basically reviving the vampire in the entertainment arts, and the media storm that occurred when she STOPPED writing vampire books after her reconversion to Catholicism and writing one of the best critically received fiction novels about Jesus’ early life….she didn’t know who Anne Rice was? Please tell me she was no older than 25.

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Fawzo, ever see the movie interview with a vampire? That is her..well her book that was turned in to a movie anyway.

No I'm not big on movies. I think last vampire movie I saw was the Van Hellsing one which I surprisingly liked.

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So that was the co-worker 'who's Anne Rice' experience... pitiful!

BUT... let me take you back to a London side street in 1989 when I was leaving work with a girlfriend when suddenly, the Beatles record producer "Sir George Martin' was walking by... not a care in the world.. nice and casual! So I gasped and checked my pulse and blinked to be sure it wasn't a dream before chanting "Oh my God that's George Martin... GEORGE MARTIN!!!!!!"

The girlfriend frowned and enquired "Er... George who????" At the age of 22 and with a lovely complexion and nice brown eyes before the comment... she very very quickly turned into a shockingly ugly medusa like thing in my eyes ;o) I couldn't believe the girl had survived that many years and not known the Lord of record production has deigned to share the same ground she was walking upon!!!

I let her live of course... and quickly found other reasons to move on ;o)

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