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In most cases, the reason that a previously created listing is no longer appearing in the directory is that the listing is either newly created or has been recently edited. Please be aware that whenever you create a new listing or modify and existing listing in our directory, the listing will not show up until we have a chance to review it. Usually, this delay is less than 24 hours, although depending on available staff and other priorities, it may take longer on occasion.

Although this extra step adds to our workload, we feel that it is important. Without such a review, the directory could become infected with spam or ugly postings that would diminish the credibility of legitimate users who wish to be listed with other real ministers, and not amidst ads for mortgages (or worse!).If you have not recently added your listing or made changes to it, and if you are sure that you previously created a listing here, it is unlikely, but possible, that your listing was deleted. This has on rare occasions occurred as a result of a server problem or corruption of the database. If that is the case, you may simply add your listing again, as a new listing. Please remember that your directory listing has nothing to do with your ordination record. You are not automatically added to the directory when you become ordained, as the vast majority of ministers prefer not to be publicly listed. Also, when you update your directory listing information, it does not update your ordination record (and vice versa). If you have not taken the step to intentionally create a directory listing, your information will not appear here.

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