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The ULC does not issue an "online" credential of any kind. There have been facsimile certificates provided by ULC web sites in the past, however such online certificates were never the official credential of the church, and thus, were never valid for purposes of registration as a marriage minister. They represented a form of receipt, or online confirmation that the ordination application had been received and the information provided to the church headquarters for recording.

Although the written documentation accompanying these certificates made it clear that these were not the official certificate of the church, many people attempted to use them to register, which created problems. Some government officials began to get the idea that the Universal Life Church was an "online church" and that ordinations were being done automatically by a computer.

In order to prevent this from occurring again in the future, the Board of Directors has put a stop to the practice of issuing any documents online which might be mistakenly used by someone to attempt to register as a wedding minister. This policy is intended to protect the integrity of the ordination process and to avoid giving the impression that the church is anything other than a serious and regularly established church.

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