Letters Of Good Standing

Rev. Troy Natereli

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it would also be nice to include a small donation to them(*not requried*but nice).if you need it notarized,then they request you include a $5.00 fee for that.check with them on that for sure.could be a little more.

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And I, have never seen a bank require a Letter of Good Standing to open a bank account. Tax ID, business license of some sort, identification, yes. But never a Letter of Good Standing. Additionally, nowhere in Citrus County web site can i find anything about the Clerk of the Circuit Court requiring a Letter of Good Standing either. No other county does that provides much more information online.

You never know though. Sometimes you just have to jump through hoops to get what you desire even if it not explicit in the laws...

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Thank you, Tru2u I have found may of the people in my town very excited to have a church that acccepts everyone comming soon. I right now am working with web designers to get the web site open for fund raising, have also found a couple churches that will also help me with paperwork and such. I am just so happy to be part of the ULC I believe that the core values here are just amazing and cannot wait to share with the people in my town


Thanks for reading.

Peace and Blessings

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