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The Peon

by Rob Anderson


Off on his own

He stood to the side

Defenseless and undefended

Ignored by the swarming horde

The peon witnessed the slaughter.

Brave Knights cruelly slain

Assaulting tall Castles


Sacrificing their lives in defense of the Queen.

While Bishops bold and hell bent on revenge

Raged in righteous fury.

Baptized in cold blood

They cross then re-cross

Advancing and retreating

Feinting left, attacking right

They skirt the enemy defenses

Probing, searching for weaknesses.

Breaching the wall to lay siege on the King

Trapped then behind barriers of his own design.

His Queen with her wandering ways too long delayed

No aid or assistance from her forthcoming and powerless

To halt the progress of the threat that advanced un-stoppable.

Un-opposed & un-hindered, nothing in his path, he rushes forward.

Too long ignored and scorned in pursuit of the King's high courtiers

The peon, in passing, snatches sweet victory from the jaws of defeat.

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Bro. Fawzo, I accept the challenge! I am Sadsongster on that site and look forward to our game. (Having no idea what your rating is, I can only hope that you will not withdraw the challenge when you discover my dismally low ranking.)

I'm Fawzo there and we can play rated or unrated and you can choose which color you prefer.

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