Emanations From A Dark Star

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Emanations From A Dark Star


A Lone Star in the Twilight

Teetering on the Edge of the Universe

At the Brink of Extinction.

Furious Flames

Define the Expanse.

Seeking Substance

To Sear Meaning

From Mere Existence

And a Purpose for Being.

Staking it's Claim

To a Place in Time

And Location in Space.

Enveloped by the Deepening Darkness

And Buried in the Recesses of Man's Memory

Abandoning Hope . . .

Surrendering Significance . . .

Conquered by Chance?

Or Defeated by Destiny?

Reason? - Irrelevant

Matter? - Immaterial.

The Victor Wins the Right to "BE"

And Sends the Vanquished

Into the Void..

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