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Eventually my goal is to become a published author. I have self published a couple of things. Most of it not for a fee. But I keep writing and some of it is for practice, one story is destined for the publisher. Of course there is my blog too.

Salem's Creations Blog - Here I post about various Pagan topics as well as other important things in my life.

Beating Down the Devil - A little short romance story I'm working on. When I get stuck on one story I move to another until I can come back to my original piece. This began that way, now its one of my favorites to work on. You can read a portion of it here.

Humanly Goddess - This one will be published one day, so you won't be able to read it. But I have a little blurb on what its about here.

I suppose I shouldn't post links to my erotica stories, but I have those too. I'm working on a new one for the All Hallow's Grim Blog Party.

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