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Please pray for my Mum. She had recently been diagnosed with COPD with a touch of Emphysemia. However, the doctors knew she had COPD back in 2006 and with held the information from her until recently. Not only that, she suffers from a blood clotting disorder and had blood clots in her lungs three times already which killed part of her lung. The smoking didn't help either. She told me this evening that if the doctors would have told her back then what she knows now then she would have stopped smoking a long time ago.

Today we went to the office of the lung specialist and they prescribed her new medicine. Unfortunately, her insurance will not cover the rescue inhaler and daily treatment. They were of a special kind with some kind of equipment to go with it so she wouldn't have an allergic reaction orally.

Also, please pray for Stormson for he's been having issues with his ex girlfriend and needs to find a place to stay.

Please pray for my brother so that he will be in good enough health for us to do some legal paperwork together and I can find him the treatment he needs.


Goddess bless!

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Many of the pharmaceutical companies have "help" for low income people, get the manufacturers info and CALL, don't e-mail, call their customer service line and ask about financial assistance.

They'll send you a bunch of paperwork. Take that to your doctor and call Insurance and/or Medi-Care/Medi-caid for's a three part system pharm/doc/insurance that has to be all done in a given order, but if you get that application, doc's help etc. the insurance may pick up the remainder. (We've had two meds that have req'd this type of help, [one was $5,300/mo!!!] and it took about 3 weeks, but got all approved)

Hope that helps and...

No problem, prayers are added to me list! :ok:

Blessings of Peace,

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