My Sibling Former User Injured

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This one is all for my younger sibling M. Just last year I felt my brother and I had drifted so far apart I'd never regain a relationship with him. He was abusing Rx medication, self medicating with alcohol and eventually got a DUI. Since then he has meet a wonderful woman, they are due to have a baby in 6 weeks. He attends AA and has a sponsor who really keeps him on track and supports him. I have regained my brother, whom I always knew was hidden away behind the nasty words and attitude for a few years.

But Sunday he had a real bad injury on the job. Boiling water got all over both his feet, he has 3rd degree burns. They had to remove skin to help his feet heal without infection. He is refusing any strong medication and explained to the doctor his fears of becoming dependant on meds again. Yet he hasn't asked for finacial or other help from our immediate family.

I simply ask for some prayers be sent his way this week as he returns home to start recovering. He feels like he just got back on his feet and life kicked him right back down. But I believe in him and always have, I remind him of this. And he is so excited about the coming arrival of the baby. So if you have a little time, please send him positive prayers and healing energy. Thank you eveyone who takes the time to do so, I apprechiate the help.

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H i Umeko !

Prayers and thoughts gone out to you, your brother and family, from north west Ireland ! I feel this is a trial that has been

sent to him, and it will make him an even better person !

God Bless ! Warmest wishes !


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