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All four porch babies (robins) from the second clutch of the season (my fourth summer here) survived the trip to the woods. Porch Momma would be the daughter (two years back) of Porch Bird (PB's being the first clutch this spring which fell to the cats), making this crew the grandbabies. Momma was quite vocal about her disapproval of the guard dog for the first few days. Porch Daddy tried to distract us after her "broken-wing" attempts failed. He later ditched the caterpillar and came back with a scrap of paper when he found he couldn't tear me away from my books. Well how about that. That dang bird just wrote me a letter...

Oh, just shut up and feed your babies. ;)

Well, at least they worked well as a team. The neighbors could learn a thing or two from them. Domestic assault. Wonderful. Let me tell ya, if anyone casts doubt on your authority consider what could happen if a minister didn't report an incident when an 8yo boy knocks on the door saying "Can you call the cops? Daddy's beating up Mommy again." What's this, 'again'?? Yeah, sure, we'll try to defuse it. Next time I go Davy Crockett on his... Semper freakin' Fi. Some "men" just make me wanna hurl. It's only a matter of time before those boys are big enough to stand up to him, if he doesn't kill her first, and you know that's not gonna end well.

I know he had a bad tour ('80s South America), but so have a lot of people. A few years after Kuwait, my best friend from high school (the only one who stood with me against the bullies) and I got together and exchanged stories over some good Canadian beers. In honor of my first jump that summer, he ceremonially pinned me with his wings and stripes and inducted me as a corporal in the Civilian Corps. Yeah, I missed my shot at Parris Island, but I still have a country to serve, if only as a tailgunner. Some may find it rather silly and amusing, but it meant something to me. Though our sails may be filled with pride, the blood and pain we endure remind us that we're here to stand up for the little guy, not harm the ones we love. The stripes, well, that just means we've got work to do. Head 'em up, move 'em out. Roll on, Devil Dogs. Urrah!

She hid it well, at least outside the family. I knew they would argue but I wasn't aware it was violent. Still, I had a hunch putting up with the cadences Dutchie likes so much wasn't such bad idea. She's a smart puppis, loves Carrie Underwood too for some reason, but really, SEALs?? Well, she does like to "go swimming"... fine, but every day? C'mon, at least airborne is freakin' fun!! So, we compromise and work 'em both. Hah! She's right tho, it is good for the old legs. Just don't forget what you stand for.

((Yeah, I know. Can you believe some folks call me a liberal sissy? I guess it's 'cause the conservative in me mostly comes out at night. Mostly. "Hee-ey, Marine Corps!!"))

This one's for Schultzie and the mighty Ducks:


See ya next year, same bird station/-K

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