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Petey's a bright and happy looking bird!!

I was never a bird person, but I came across a white, parrot looking thing at the local animal farm...

He genuinely seems to be happy to see me, even if it's been a while since my last visit - seems to have an awesome memory ....

This bird could actually turn me into a bird person, I think... he coos so softly when I stop and fuss over him, I didn't realize they have so much personality...

Why a bird, Brother Thorn? What's the appeal? ( just curious )

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Petey is actually kind of a rescue. He is 15 years old. About 2 years ago when having dinner at his previous owners house they jokingly asked if I wanted him. I said sure if your serious. They were and gave me his nice big cage along with him too. They had been looking to get rid of him for a long time but wanted a good home for him. Petey was not handled or paid a lot of attention in a very long time. He was an adopted pet as his original owner had been his then owner's sister. So Petey is very skittish. I eventually would like to train him to come on my shoulder and hang outside his cage. This is a little hard with the cats present. I have gotten him used to my presence and he no longer is terrified. He will actually fly toward me and stay there. However he will have nothing to do with me or my hand when it is in the cage. He usually starts talking around 4:30 a.m. or so when the outside birds start. We enjoy brief conversations during the day. I try to imitate his language and he responds. Sometimes If I am loud or yelling across the house to a friend he will try to copy mine.

I've always loved birds. I have had parakeets since I was a little kid. My mother also loves birds so that is why I had them lol. One parakeet that we just named Budgie, actually saved our lives one day. Unfortunately it was with his death. The furnace had broken and carbon monoxide was getting to lethal levels. He died from it and it was our only warning besides a little bit of blackening from soot at the corners of our nostrils. If he had not died we would have probably not known and gone to sleep that night. Also quite a few of my friends have had multiple birds. I trained my one friends bird named tuscon to stand on my shoulder and hang out with me. It made his mother very jealous as the bird attacked women and most men. It only like my friend's father and myself. My one friend's father had a parrot. The sort you see in a pirate movie. I would come up in the morning a little groggy and have a conversation wiht it. It would then trick me verbally and when I realized and said "hey!" it would laugh at me. I wish I could have gotten closer but she was very aggressive and would only allow the father to hold and keep her. My buddy had a beautiful cockatiel that was really kind of just awesome. It was rather aggressive but it totally loved him to death. It got used to me eventually but would still go after and scare his girlfriend. My other buddy has two lovebirds like petey. Except he is a peach faced lovebird. He used to breed them and sell the babys to a pet stor or close friends. I have kept and trained all sorts of animals. as of now I have fish, 3 cats, 2 dogs, and petey.

He also likes to play a game with one of the cats. He will jump down to his lowest stick and tempt it by yelling at it. It jumps up and hangs off the cage. He either keeps yelling at it or flys away and then yells at it.

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