Take My Hand Pariee


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well since its story telling time..here's an old song I can remember my friend saying "shut up Brian and listen to the lyrics"...

...so with all due respect to ya'll..shut up and listen to the lyrics....:) before the deluge

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hah, and they said we'd never make it.....

now you're a big shot Bishop and I..umm..do whatever it is I do but it seems to be paying the bills...:)

yeah, working for the church has great benefits, after you die.

and being diabetic I hardly make enoght for my drugs let alone food.

I am trying to teach myself a trade that would be in demand,

i.e. 5.000.000 people and thier mothers are not doing it.

I am learning vinyl and leather repair. managed to get everything I need to startup on easy credit payments. now just read the manual and watch the videos and practise until I can do it blindfolded.

worse comes to worse I have to save to go to training in CA.

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