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Please read this before posting!

Welcome to the new Category for posting “Pet Corner”. All basic posting rules apply here, just like any other section of our forum. If you still haven't read the rules, click here.

Please note the title of each category and place your post in the appropriate area.

Stories, Discussions and Articles is just that, a place to post your discussion topics, stories of your personal experiences with your favorite pets or interesting articles you've found on the internet. Please make sure you cite the source if the story is not your personal property.

Pet Care is an area to post tricks of the trade and things you've learned while caring for your pets. Please note there is a “Links” posts where a few links have been put up, however, we encourage you to add to this list by posting your own “Favorites” and links you keep on your “Bookmarks List”. There will be forthcoming a short article from the category originator from his veterinarian on some basic pet care tips.

Phurry Photos is the area to post your favorite pictures of your pets. Please post just the picture with a short caption. NO LARGER THAN 640 x 480 PIXELS No exceptions! Any picture larger than 640x480 will be removed without notice or warning – (message from admin!) - due to space requirements. Should you have a story, information or other details you'd like us to see, please, post that in “Stories” with a link by the picture to your story or article.

We've been given this area by request so I hope we all enjoy it, use it with regard to others and the rules!

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