The Asylum

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An inmate of an asylum,

locked and imprisoned between walls.

No privacy,

instead constant supervision,

any wrong act will be punished,

constraints, drugs.

Speak up,

be nailed down


be left alone.


we might release you,

or else,

more constraints and drugs.



no future,



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i escaped from mission springs in the summer of 1960 and walked home to campbell, this was the firt time i had been through holy city. we often returned to holy city just to mail chrismas cards and have them have that postmark

OMO! You just explained "WHY" "We had to" go to Mission Springs just before Christmas in 1963 when taking my brother to Treasure Island...long, long day for me...and yes my Mother did mail a whole box of cards from there. I was too young to realize any connection to the "Holy City of the Evangelical Covenants" also now reminds me of why Mum always went to Bob and Ann Anderson's in Ripon (Bethany Covenant) supervisory they went up to MS every year over Christmas...Mom would take a cake, dinner (something special) to them every Dec, week or so before Christmas and her hand made, big red and green box she kept all her Christmas cards in...hmmm.

Rev. have solved a family mystery for me...of course one that I never thought about much until now, reading your post, but now solved none the less as me Mum was always "one upper" "had to be proper" etc...the UK show Keeping up Appearances...Hyacinth...That's my Mother to a tee...except far more oriented around the church!!!

Have a good one, enjoy, and I'd like to hear more about your Mission Springs experiences some day...I still have nightmares about that place.... literal nightmares, same 2 or 3 for close to 50 years.

Blessings of Peace,

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