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And yet another one joins the ranks of our special "old man" club... hehe.. They ALL join eventually!!!

Its benefits you see? let me explain some of them to you, as now that we have you, you will be with us for quite some time... When you join you get to stop combing your hair (cos its gone)... And what little is required to comb, is all the same nice neutral shade of gray so we dont have to fuss with matching anything we wear to it... Of course in our club we dont have to worry what we wear either, as everything we own has been out of style for at least a decade anyway! brushing our teeth suddenly becomes much easier (just drop them in the glass overnight)... And we never have to worry about getting cold, since the enormous extra layer of belly that sprang up seemingly overnight will keep us warm even in the middle of an arctic blast. We never again have to worry about being carded and forgetting our ID, as the members of our secret club are well known (Still not sure HOW that works), and all cashiers seem to be under strict orders to simply wave us through.. Even the young, cute ones do so with a knowing roll of their eyes (that must be some sort of secret sign of respect)... in fact ESPECIALLY the young and cute ones. Likewise, you will never again have to worry about being put into any sort of awkward sexual situations or constantly being nagged to give up your precious time to attend this party or that gathering ( as there are very people left who wish for us to join them in either their beds or social occasions)... And finally, as you rise through the ranks of our club you will eventually be able to give up that annoying chore of having to drive here and there all the time, due to a special arrangement we have with the DMV where they have agreed to graciously pull the license of any member who proves (through lack of eyesight) that they have been a member for a number of years. thumbsup%281%29.gif:clap2:

Arnt you glad you joined now!!!??? And, in the off chance that you find yourself less then enthusiastic about your membership, fear not! Another of the wonderful benefits of joining is the almost immediate loss of any and all unpleasant (or pleasant, important or even crucial) memories... :unsure:

So.. Without further adu, please join me in welcoming our newest member, Brother... Er... Um... What was that guys name again??? :huh::blink:


LOL.. Happy B-day Kev!!!! May you have many, many more my friend!!!


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:beach: Happiest of Days to ya Kevin. May all your wishes come true, your mind be at ease and your heart be gladdened by friends and family.

Blessings of Peace and Contentment on this wonderful day! :coffee:

Blessings Be,

What an evil thing to do!

Wish that all someones wishes come true, do you know how much heartache that can bring :) That's why you only get one wish on your Bday :)


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