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My daughters lil friend at daycare , is 4 and his house burned down during the week, he lost all his toys and books and his clothes :( so I was hoping you all could say alittle prayer for him and his daddy , my daughter and I are going to the bookfair at my sons school this week to buy him some new books :) and my son is donating the clothes he's out grown and I donated my teddy bear from when I was little so hopefully they will do ok , it's just scary that you can loose everything in an intant so I for one wont ever take things for granted and am counting our blessings

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Our Prayers, Blessings and Healing Energies go to this family. We don't have any kids stuff to send, but is there some way that any other kind of help could be sent their way? One tragedy seems to lead to another in some cases and we direct only the strongest and best energies we can to all of them.

Having been through such an ordeal, it always grabs my heart with a big tug!

Blessings of Peace,

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