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I am certainly new to all of this since I was recently ordained in February. However, I have in church leadership for nearly ten years now. My question is concerning out-of-state sponsorship. I have been asked to perform a wedding in Wisconsin and do not currently reside there. All of my research has led me to believe that I must have a letter of sponsorship in order to make the ceremony legal. My first question is: Is this true? My second question would be: How do I go about getting such sponsorship? I have been to the ULC Wisconsin site and it seems that only the homepage is active and working while the links are simply non-operational. Originally, I had thought that site would provide the solution, but now I am clueless. Does anyone know exactly how to go about this?


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perhaps you went to ULCwisconsin dot com. ? Run by the monastery.. set up in the hopes of attracting someone to do for them what I do for ULC HQ ordained ministers, I suspect. Most links their take you to the monastery..

Contact me..

Kokigami -at- yahoo.c


after going to the link above, if possible..

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