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Atwater Vitki

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It's funny how when a person's routine is put on hold for even a few days how looooong that seems.

We've just had a wonderful, soul-felt, mind expanding 6 day long visit from a long term friend of mine I've know since 1990. He lives down near Idyllwild, CA, where Casey Ahbrams, one of the American Idol contestants is from. Gordon works for the county park systems there and where we got our last three kittens, now adults, on our visit down there in 2006...so it's been awhile since seeing each other.

He had hoped for a rather different outcome of the purpose of his trip up to Chico, but felt satisfied with how things turned out. He spent a couple days here on the way up and 3 days here on his way back home so it was a nice long visit with a break in the middle...a model I wish certain relatives would use!

Anyway, having been distracted for a few days, I'm back to checking in every day and I'm working on the multitude of pictures taken while our friend visited. I might even put a few up on my blog...in a week or so after editing...of the Castle Air Museum which has myriad of vintage, and some modern, military aircraft. Been living a block away for 3 1/2 years and this is my first official, in through the gate view of some phenomenal, strange and exotic aircraft. Probably the most spooky was the RB-36H Peacemaker, the largest bomber ever built with it's two thermal-nuclear bomb casings sitting next to it....my personal favorite is still the SR-71 Blackbird which sits out front and we get to see every trip to town.

Anyway, nice to be back...off to Valentine's Day goodies,

Blessings of Peace,

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