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I wanted to make a few folks here, who might be interested, aware of a book I picked up at Ollie's ( a discount store )... I just dug it out to study it...

This is a remarkable book not only for it's size - it's 17"X24" - but also for the spiritual nature of the subject.

It' is a book of Paintings which cover the Buddhist and Hindu dieties and bodhisattvas. Many of the paintings are Mandalas. The paintings are rendered full page, which makes for an impressive spectacle...


the cover

and a few examples from within..


Dakini Mandala


The Cosmos of Healing


two side by side

the entire book is filled with these images ( 61 pages ), and the best part was - it cost less than 10$

the book is from Mandala Publishers and is entitled Celestial Gallery by Romio Shrestha.

I don't want to even look to see what this book originally cost... check your discount stores......

edit : there is a very informative foreword by Deepak Chapra .....

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Don't ya just love the bargains one can find in places like that? There's an old store in Merced, been there since 1891...the oldest continuous business in town, which is now a second/junk shop...toooo many cool things in there to even mention!

Your book find is a deal of a century, especially right now while studying the Gita.

Blessings of Peace,

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I'll have to check out the Ollie's around here.

I found a complete 6 book set of "The life and teachings of the Masters of the far East" by Baird Spalding in one of those little book shops that pop up for two weeks and then is gone.

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first look on Amazon....

7 new from $69.98 12 used from $42.00


Amazon Price New from Used from Expand Collapse Hardcover -- $29.76 $27.90

Hardcover, January 1, 2005 -- $69.98 $42.00

See # more hardcovers

Show fewer hardcovers Expand Collapse Paperback -- $255.00 $301.81 Expand Collapse Calendar -- -- $458.15 ExpandShow 3 more formats ExpandShow 1 more format CollapseShow fewer formats There is a newer edition of this item: 619v1O2qd9L._SL75_.jpg Celestial Gallery 4.7 out of 5 stars (16)

21 used & new from $27.90 See a problem with this suggestion? Let us know

...you got a great deal!

Blessings of Peace,

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