A Conversation With Yeshua

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I would like to share with you a little information on a book I recently wrote entitled “A Conversation With Yeshua- Creating A Personal Theology”. Going back to first century sources, I identified nine different religious trajectories that apparently diverged from the original Jesus movement. Comparing common quotes attributed to Jesus from two or more of these independent sources I felt I was able to go back as close as possible to the original “oral tradition” that developed after his death. I then interpreted the quotes, trying to put them in a more modern context, and finally combined them to generate a conversation between Jesus and the reader. I ended up with 52 paraphrase quotes.

In the book I encourage the reader to look at my original source material quotes, that are written out, come up with his or her own interpretations and use them to write a conversation like I did. There is space on each page to do this. The goal is to see how Jesus speaks to you. You can create your own personal theology, based on his words, and free of the clutter that 2000 years of interpretation, change and just plan made up additions has created. I found amazing the simple beauty of his message, much different than what most of us learned in church.

Another way to use the fifty two paraphrase quotes is to consider them as a weekly meditation guide. Or, ULC ministers involved in preaching might find some good source material here.

I have a weekly blog: www.aconversationwithyeshua.blogspot.com. In it I present one of the paraphrase quotes each week.You can also Google" A CONVERSATION WITH YESHUA "to find how to order the book. It’s available from at least four of the on-line booksellers.

I was pleased to make reference to the ULC as one of my inspirations in writing this.

Hope you don’t consider this an attempt at some free advertising (though I realize it is), but I do think I have found some interesting material that both Christian and non- Christian members may find of interest and value.


Brother Peter

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I don't know what I did "wrong", but I was not able to post comments to your blog. It kept asking me for my blogspot ID, which I put, then kept telling me I had "Invalid characters" in the space...I gave up after 10x tries!

Very interesting and compelling evidence as to how we might perceive the words coming directly from Jesus to our ear.

Many Blessings concerning your publication Brother Pete, fascinating and extremely interesting view concerning this topic!

Blessings of Peace,

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