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Oh, Creator and Controller of the Universe, please do keep reflecting in the mirrors of our hearts. May we have Thy divine vision in our hearts and depart into emptiness after presenting our "I"-ness to Thee. May our eyes be fulfilled by ever having Thy charming vision everywhere. May our ears gain full satisfaction in listening to the inner untoned sound of Thy divine tune in our hearts.

Oh Supreme Being! Please do satiate our hearts by the vision of Thy charming form and thus entertain our souls. Wash away the dirt and filth of our hearts by the tears of thy ineffable Love! Please do dispel the the darkness of our ignorance and inertia by the effulgence of Thine being. Please attract us from far to near Thee by the glories of Thy infinite power! Set us up on Thy high ideals! Grant us the capacity to realize the highest ultimate Truth by instilling in us elevated ideals, noble aspirations and high ambitions. May we be enabled to love Thee in every living being. Make our hearts noble and beautiful. May our hearts blossom like a fragrant rose.

~Ganesh Baba
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