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I'm not sure if I understand the rules of ordination. They seem all too simple, I think that's why I'm unclear. I live in Indiana, now to marry my friends I need to...? Register on ulc, which I have done. Then what? Register at my local county clerks office?

You have to read the Indiana laws (found in a pinned topic of this forum) or maybe you can take the word of another Indiana minister. Personally, I'd first read the law, then ask questions, and finally consider the advice of other ministers in Indiana.

While you do that I'm gonna refresh my reading on Indiana law so that I can help answer your questions..

Read specifically about Who may marry, the marriage license procedures and certificates, and your authority to solemnize marriages. Then, contact the Clerk of the Circuit Court and just ask of the proper procedures to handle the paperwork. Don't expect the clerk to give any sort of opinion regarding the ULC, legalities, or registration. The clerk only files documents, but they know their jobs well and can talk you through your handling of the paperwork.

And, be sure that the couple presents to you a valid marriage license, identification, that the ceremony happens in the valid time period of the license....everything that you read about is your responsibility to make sure it is done timely and with willing and able participants.

And welcome to the forum and to the ULC!

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Your ordained in INDIANA.

Just make sure the couple has the license, do your ceremony, and have them sign the license....**** bride signs with her maiden name***, they fill out the history above their signing..after the ceremony, you fill out the rest..take your time...sign it..I always put down rev etc..clerks like that...and mail in the portion they want..make a xerox copy of the form that you filled out.

I live in Indiana. and have many weddings done over 100 plus..

REVPO :coffee:

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