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I have a few quirks, which shouldn't be surprising to anyone here that knows me even a little bit! However I have been remiss in not sharing some of them:

*start day with the dreadful habit of medications and exercise to simply get out of bed due to very serious injuries several years ago. Kay, my wife also has this dreadful routine. We both suffer from degenerative lumbar disc's and severe injury to same areas. Then coffee pot going and ice cold Pepsi for her.

1. ULC forums check in nearly every day

2. Cosmic Dimensions Radio:http://www.cosmicdimensions.com/ for those who seek some truly calm, quiet music for the soul and especially "Awakenings" on Sunday mornings and afternoons and Thursday from 11a-1p.

3. Spending time with my wife and cats, whether that is watching TV, under a pile of fur, playing board or online games with Kay, or a walk to the mail box (all of us)

4. Answering e-mail from adoring fans and hate-groups alike .... not always fun but a necessary part of keeping up with life

5. Preparing hof and stead workings as well as Scriptural readings for whichever is due next

6. Prayers/meditations; nightly with a long list of remembrances and then Self immersion

7. Cooking and household chores, mundane but necessary

8. Studying/researching my next article or position

But through all of it and in a cohesive combination of thoughts and duties, always, doing my best to connect to my higher Self. Meditation for instance can be done anytime, anywhere...(deep meditation should of course be done while relaxed and in a purposeful manner)

Yep, life can be mundane and not so eventful, but what a joy when we submerse ourselves in what it is that floats our boat.

I posted it for Raincloud in another thread, but for those who may not be familiar "e-sword" a downloadable version of the study Bible is a must for researchers: click here There are a number of separate downloads for various versions of the bible, the Hebrew Old Testament, Greek, Arabic and Strong's Concordance so enjoy as it's all free!

So what about you, what things do you all do during your "normal days"? Just curious to see how things compare in the "uneventful categories...which is MOST of life.

Blessings of Peace,

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