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I was ordained by the ULC Monatery and received an alarming email from a former member thereof. The claim is that I am not legally ordained because my ordination was signed by someone who did not have the authority to sign such a credential.

How can I find out the truth about a credential that came from Seattle, Washington and was signed by Chaplain Brother Martin?

I will use due diligence to go to a credible source (NOT Wikipedia) to determine the truth. I know I will not receive legal advice in this forum. I would appreciate suggestions as to where I may find accurate information, as in, perhpas the State of Washington? State of Arizona?

Thank you very much

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If you are asking whether you are ordained through the Monestary or the Seattle, Washington incarnation, I would refer you to them. If you are asking whether you are ordained through the Universal Life Church, based in Modesto, California, the simple answer is no, as they terminated affiliation with the monestary following a hostile takeover.

This is a statement released a few years ago regarding the issue:

The former ulc.org site was started in 1995 by one of our ministers Brother Dan Zimmerman for his congregation called Universal Life Church/ULC Monastery, Inc. in Tucson AZ. He requested to be authorized to accept and forward to us ordination requests received on his site to be ordained by our church. We granted that authorization. In 2005 he asked one of his members to assist with operating part of the site from Seattle WA. In 2006 they had an internal management dispute that will take court legal action to resolve. So Brother Dan did the responsible thing and closed the ulc.org site on 08/01/06. At that time our authorization to them was revoked. Since then the part in Seattle has done a "hostile takeover" of the ulc.org site and changed it to be themonastery.org and are calling themselves Universal Life Church Monastery Storehouse, Inc. They are a separate organization that is NOT AFFILIATED WITH US. They imply that they are in order to confuse people into ordering from them. They have only been in existence since 09/06 and they are back dating credentials to years before they even started. Plus the ministers are receiving incorrect certificates from a church that they were not even ordained by.

If trying to reach the church headquarters online, be careful. The Modesto headquarters is ulchq.COM where the monestary has taken over ulchq.ORG in an attempt to lead people astray.

Other contact information taken directly from the Headquarters website:

Universal Life Church, Headquarters

601 Third St. Modesto, CA 95351

Office Ph: 209-527-8111

Fax: 209-527-8116

Office Hours: Monday - Friday 7:30am - 4:00 pm


Hope this clears things up. If you want to be certain to be ordained through Modesto, you can always apply through this forum or through the link on the headquarters site.

All the best.

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I have just one more question. If the ULC in Washington thinks/believes they are a church, can they be mistaken or (heaven forbid)out & out *lying* to me? Can an entity, such as ULC monastery in Seattle, *claim* to be a church, but they aren't really a church and therefor should not send out ordination credentials? I'm guessing I have to check with Washington state? or Arizona state, where I actually live. I'm just very confused about whether the Monastery is a church or just some rogue entity that has taken money from me ... I paid (not a lot of money - seven dollars, I think) to obtain a credential from the Monastery. So, i guess what I really need to know is whether they are actually a church or just an internet fraud. I wonder where I may obtain truthful information about whether the Monastery is really a church. Again ... State of Washington, where they are based from? State of AZ, where I live? I promise I will check the validity ... i just don't know where to find out whether the Monastery is actually a church.

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Any church using ULC in it's name is a ULC church.

and there are a lot of ULC churches, but there is only one ULC church hq. this is the main church that all the ULC churches came from. the monastry is a ULCchurch that split off of the main ULC church. so, they are a ULC church but not "the" ulc church. see?

it's like catholic churches, I am a catholic priest, but not a Roman Catholic priest.

it's that way for the ULC. lots of different ULC churches and lots of catholic churches.

all valid but all different too. I cannot take my catholic ordination and tell people I am a roman catholic priest. You are validly ordained with the ULC monastry and a valid minister with that group. i.e. You are a ULC minister. see?

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FrCorey beat me to the draw.

My own ministry, Enlightened Souls Ministries is very much a ULC ministry. If I chose to ordain someone, they would be ordained as a member of my ministry, but not as clergy of the ULC itself. For that reason, anyone who approaches me for ordination is referred to the Modesto headquarters, or to this forum, where Br. Kevin has been accepted by headquarters to accept ordination requests and then forward them to HQ for processing. I can not ordain on behalf of HQ and have no agreement with HQ to forward requests, so I can not represent myself as able to process ordinations for HQ. Neither can the Monestary at this time, yet they seem to enjoy leading people to believing they are of the same cloth as HQ. This is no longer accurate.

If you want to represent yourself as clergy affiliated with Modesto, the only way there is through Modesto, or through an approved site who will forward the request to Modesto.

As far as the Monestary being a church, technically they are. Where there is no confusion, however, is that they can not and do not speak for Modesto.

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