Can I Use The Ordination/ordinance Certificate Of Ulc To Proclaim Myse


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being his country is secular,i don't know what the laws concerning ordination would be brother michael said,maybe he can tell us.

it is apparent that the constitution of his country gives him religious freedom,and as such he should be able according to that(by law)preach anywhere someone would allow him to(in his country).however,being allowed to and finding it acceptable are 2 different things.

does the reference to a prophet in his own country mean anything?

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You did ask in your first post. Anyway, the short answer is No,you cannot legally do what you ask.

Well, maybe, actually. He would be legally ordained (in the US anyway) christian, evangelist. That does not mean he would not be charged with some crime or another in his country, or in another country. If his country has any laws concerning which religious organizations are recognized he could still run afoul of those laws. For example, since Bangladesh has a state religion, they may also have a list of approved churches for christian activities. He needs to talk to a lawyer there... this is not the place to answer his question.

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the people he wants to be like are spewing their hate and garbadge on video,safe away from real people,and then letting those who don't know any better go out into the real world and possilely get hurt.

seems a minister in florida is doing the same thing,causing problems half way around the world.

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