What Kind Of Consultant Jobs?


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I live in Wisconsin USA... I was thinking for the odesk free lancers site...

Spiritual consultant or psychic consultant.. I am very knowledgeable in comparative religion.. but do not have any degrees or such in it.. Just looking at the possible opportunities... otherwise I am not sure what other types of free lancing jobs would be open to me.. that I am qualified for..

- Dana


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Again, you use the word “Consultant” without really answer the question of what you will be consulting on. Take for instance me, I have done free lance IT consultant work. I have specific skill sets I bring to the table and are frequently required by organizations with small or no IT departments of their own. I am able articulate those skills in both a technical and layman’s terminology so that both the potential client and I can establish common expectations and achievable goals.

Without being able clearly state what you bring to the table, especially if you want to go with something in the religious or paranormal range, you are doing both your potential client and yourself a disservice. To use the old phrase caveat emptor comes to mind. If you can’t tell me what your selling, I am not going to buy whatever it is you are selling.

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